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New Run Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Will Come Loaded With Extras

The pinball designer / DJ / musician / sound engineer, basically jack of all trades Scott Danesi appeared as a guest on the latest episode of the always excellent Loserkid Pinball Podcast. The interview contained a lot of great information on the much talked about upcoming re-run of Scott and Spooky Pinball's popular Total Nuclear Annihilation (TNA) pinball machine.

First and foremost, the new machines really aren't going to be TNA 2.0. It's more another run of the game with some addons. The new TNAs will coms straight from the Spooky factory with a number of the cool aftermarket mods that people have been tricking their machines out with already installed, including the gorgeous fluorescent green plastic protectors, lit translucent drop targets and an upgraded "Shoot Again" with additional LEDs, to name a few. The game is going to be produced in traditional TNA cabinets, but it will have the company's new flip-down LCD screen that it used in Rick and Morty machines.

In addition to these physical changes, Scott stated that he is working on updated code for the game with some minor changes. He has been considering adding another multiball TNA, but he is really on the fence about whether to include it.

As far as how many units will be made in the upcoming run goes, Scott hopes that TNA becomes Spooky pinball's best selling game ever. I believe that he means that he'd like to see the total number of TNAs produced exceed the combined 1,750 total of Halloweens and Ultramans (or would that be Ultramen Hmmmmm lol). Ultimately though, he doesn't know how many will be run because that's entirely up to Spooky and its production schedule.

Here's a link to the Loserkid interview. It's great. Make sure to give it a listen:

Make sure to keep an eye out for the big Loserkid 12-hour charity stream event, "Flippin the Script on Autism" to be held in conjunction with The Pinball Network and The Poorman's Pinball Podcast at Pinball Expo in Chicago on Thursday October 20th. Tons of companies, including Stern, JJP, American, Multimorphic, CGC, Haggis, Lit Frames, Flip N Out, The Pinball Company and even I are donating products that will be auctioned off and given away during the event.

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