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New Sequel to the Classic Neo Geo Game Magical Drop

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Here's some unexpected cool news. As a big Neo Geo fan, I'm very familiar with the classic Japanese puzzle game series Magical Drop. The original game in the series was created by Data East in 1995. There hasn't been a new version of Magical Drop since Magical Drop V in 2012. Well, a new game in the series just dropped for a number of platforms, including Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Isn't technology wonderful? Back in the day one would have had to spend hundreds of dollars to own a version of Magical Drop for an arcade cabinet or the super expensive Neo Geo home system. Now I picked up a copy of Magical Drop VI right now for twent bucks as I sit here waiting for my son's lacrosse game to start. I can't wait to try it out when I get home tonight.

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