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New Topper Company Electric Playground Launches Interactive Pinball Topper for Twilight Zone

I've been speaking with Rob from The Electric Playground about his and his partner Alec's company's brand new topper for Bally's 1993 classic pinball machine Twilight Zone for several weeks now, so I'm excited that I am now allowed to share it with the pinball world.

The new TZ topper includes a number of cool features, including a 1.28” LCD animated “all seeing eye” in the pyramid, a clock that interacts with the game, a “multiball-ready” interactive door illumination and the pièce de résistance...a wireform that sends an actual pinball around the topper.

The new TZ topper officially goes on sale on Saturday, March 25th at 1:00 PM CST. Priced at $1,629, a $100 deposit is required to secure one of the 25 units in the first batch being made. The first batch of toppers will ship no later than May 30th, 2023.

Complete feature list for the TZ Topper:

  • 12 direct-to-plastic screen printed panels featuring original artwork by Rob Jordan.

  • 120+ externally powered LEDs and activated when you turn on your machine.

  • Mirror finish backdrop.

  • Interactive metal wireform ramp that ejects a 5/8” steel pinball in sequence with the gumball machine in your game. Designed to handle 6.2 to 7.2 angled playfields.

  • 1.28” LCD screen with animated eyeball to carefully 👁️ over your arcade.

  • Interactive clock that turns both directions in sequence with the clock in your game.

  • Interactive door illumination activated by the the multiball light.

  • Mounts securely to top of the machine using existing holes and provided hardware mounts and screws

  • Simple to connect using three (3) t-tap connectors and one (1) light sensor on the underside of the playfield. No special tools, wire cutting or soldering required.

  • Detailed installation guide included, 30-45 minute installation. Video installation guide by Cary Hardy (coming soon!)

  • Carefully packaged in a custom collectors box.

  • All parts include a warranty on operation for 120 days from the day your product ships to you.

  • Product Specs: 23.5” W x 10” H x 9” D, 10 lbs.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

As a disclaimer I have not received any money to write about topper, I just think that it's cool, but...anyone who's reading this can help out the site by buying shirts or merch using the store link above or clicking on an ad or two when you stop by :).

Anyone who is interested in getting more information on the topper can do so at the following website:

or on the Electric Playground Facebook page:

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