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New Versions of Pac-Man Coming? Arcade Trademark Search International Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Normally I search for interesting new arcade and pinball trademarks in the U.S. databases, but I came across a cool article about new International trademarks filed by the famous Japanese arcade company Bandai Namco this morning.

The Company has filed three new trademarks related to the iconic video game Pac-Man!

“PAC-MAN Roller” on September 4 in Europe and August 31 in the United States; “PAC-Man Superfast” on August 30 in Europe and Japan, and August 28 in the United States; “PAC-MAN Slider” on August 25 in the United States;

Introducing PAC-MAN Roller, PAC-MAN Superfast and PAC-MAN Slider. What exactly these new games (or machines) are I have no idea, but I hear that Bandai Namco has some big things in the works so I'm optimistic that there's cool stuff that we'll all be interested in coming soon from them.

Bandai Namco trademarks Operation Memories, Fractured Daydream, Shadow Labyrinth, and PAC-MAN titles

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