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New Wave Toys Unveils New Line of Replicade Mini Pinball Machines

After teasing that something pinball-related was coming for the past several days, this afternoon New Wave Toys, the manufacturer of miniature replica arcade and vending machines, officially unveiled the prototype of its upcoming replica of Gottlieb's 1981 pinball machine Black Hole.

The upcoming 1/6th scale Black Hole machine is not playable, but it does replicate the actual machine's attract mode, lighting and sounds and knocker. It also has blacklight cabinet illumination and plays simulated games. Like the original game, the mini pin also has a replica spinning galaxy disk in the backbox. The game accepts mini coins.

New Wave Toys has plans for a whole series of MINIPINS, with Black Hole being the first. The replica pin is priced at $199.99, but I believe that there is a 20% off coupon on the New Wave Toys website. The estimated ship date for the Black Holes is Halloween 2024.

The Replicade mini arcade games seem to be pretty popular. I don't personally any after vowing to cut back on buying collectables, but last year I actually broke down and pre-ordered the Company's upcoming Zoltar machine that moves, talks and dispenses actual fortunes. That breaks my personal rules on both pre-ordering things and collecting "stuff" lol. The mini Zoltar ran into some production issues and was delayed. The latest word is that it should be ready around April.

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