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News from American Pinball, Spooky Pinball, Dutch Pinball & Stern Pinball

It's been a fairly quiet week news-wide in the hobby and I was busy doing things that actually pay LOL, so here's a catch-up post covering a few recent news odds and ends.

1) First off, a couple of hours ago, American Pinball announced that the Classic version of its Legends of Valhalla pinball machine is "coming soon." The company is bringing it to Pinball Expo, which takes place in Chicago from October 19th through the 22nd. There's still no official word from the company on its next game. There was a rumor floating around out there that AP was going to show it on October 5th, but according to what I was hearing that was never the case and it wasn't really even close to happening.

2) Next up we have Spooky Pinball. Scott Danesi, the creator of Spooky's popular Total Nuclear Annihilation pin, recently announced that his new code for the game, Version 1.5, is now live. As I mentioned here previously, the new code includes a new Jukebox Mode. In addition to that it also has cool additions like a spinner rip counter, spinner rip high score tables, a new in-game song and improved Scorebit integration. The code is available for download on existing TNAs now and will be included in Spooky's new production run games.

3) Dutch Pinball is currently beta testing Version 1.0 of its code. It is currently scheduled for release this month. The new code includes new music, new animations, new video clips, new callouts, Wizard Mode and a number of tweaks to the game.

4) Ahead of its final production run later this month, Stern Pinball released new code for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Code version 1.54 contains "numerous game enhancements, additional polish, game adjustments, and bug fixes."

UPDATE: This afternoon Stern also shared its Factory Friday update, showing Guardians of the Galaxy Pro still on the line.

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