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News on the Lyman Sheats Code for Chicago Gaming Company’s Cactus Canyon Remake

The beautiful new remake of the last regular pinball machine ever produced by Bally, Cactus Canyon, continues to flow off the line at Chicago Gaming Company and is being delivered to customers.

In a recent episode of Jeff Teolis’s Pinball Profile podcast Josh Sharpe, who was working on the game with Lyman Sheats, said the following about the separately sold major code update DLC:

”…there is a lot of stuff that is fully done that I’ve been playing for months and months. He was working on the Wizard Mode. He would have the rules but then he was working on the storyboarding with the artist to get the art stuff in. So he would do rules, art and then tweak the rules to the art and then do sound after the art because it was easiest to mash the sound up with how the art looked. It’s a little bit of a hot mess of what did he put in that the artist finished. The flash drive that he left for me did not load into my game…my next task is to make a list of what’s left to be done. Everything that is going to be in the game, all of the concepts are done.“

So clearly despite rumors to the contrary, work still needs to be done to complete the new Lyman code.

BTW the Pinball Profile podcast is fantastic. If you’ve never heard it, I encourage you to check it out at . Welcome back Jeff!

Here’s some pictures of a CCR that was just delivered by Zach at Flip N Out Pinball to the Pinside user “Tlamb”. What a good looking game!

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