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Ninja Eclipse on Location; Big Lebowskis Galore; John Wick Production Schedule

I have a couple of odds and ends from the world of pinball for everyone today.

First up, Turner Pinball just announced that it is putting one of its brand new Ninja Eclipse pinball machines on location at What's Brewing? in San Antonio, Texas. What's Brewing is a cool place in its own right, so the ability to play a game that few others have is just icing on the cake. Get over there and pop in some quarters!


This afternoon Dutch Pinball shared a couple of pictures of a big 40 game shipment of its Big Lebowski pinball machine that is destined for its official U.S. distributor Cointaker. So if you have a game on order, it may be coming soon. Dutch added that it is already 5 machines into its next production batch.

It's great to see them cranking games out...and even better every Lebowski that goes out the door sort of brings us a little bit close to seeing Dutch's upcoming games Alice in Wonderland and Back to the Future. I can't wait to see them. It remains to be seen whether Back to the Future will indeed be revealed at a big party at this fall's Chicago Pinball Expo. I've heard through the grapevine that Dutch Pinball is denying it, but I also heard that it's true from a very knowledgeable person. One way or another, it's coming.

While we're on the subject of Lebowski, word is that the official Dutch Pinball inner art blade project has been put on the back burner for the moment, but work continues on the official topper.


Hot off the reveal of its next cornerstone game, based on the Keanu Reeves film series John Wick, we have a Stern Pinball Production update courtesy of The Pinball Show podcast.

Stern has recently been shipping Elvira Premium and JAWS Premium from the factory.

John Wick Pro is already on the production line. They will begin shipping in bulk early next week, with some possibly heading out the door late this week.

The Pro will ship for the next several weeks and will be followed by production of John Wick Limited Edition in mid- to late-May. The first run of John Wick Premium will start in June.

Also in June, JAWS Pro and Premium are going back on the line and the recently discussed Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro.

The Pinball Show Ep 152: The Big John Wick Episode

Pictures of What's Brewing:

A big shipment of Big Lebowskis:

Stern Pinball's John Wick Pro:

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Julie Sedlacek
Julie Sedlacek
2 days ago

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Derek Raabe
Derek Raabe
08 พ.ค.

Looks like 40 Lebowskis heading to cointaker! Maybe they'll be getting a shipment of Labyrinth soon as well!

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