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No Major Announcements at Jersey Jack TPF Seminar

Last night Jersey Jack Pinball held a seminar at the Texas Pinball Festival. it was an interesting Q & A session with the company’s founder Jersey Jack Guarnieri and one of the company’s newest designers, the legendary Steve Ritchie.

As we have discussed here previously, no major announcement about the Company’s next game was made. Jack did repeatedly say that he really wants JJP to release two games a year in the future. No major hints were dropped about the arrival date of the next game beyond saying that it was close. He left open the possibility of a second game being released in 2022 saying “check back with me in July.”

Last week I mentioned the rumor that another run of Pirates of the Caribbean and the completion of the game’s wizard mode would be announced at the show. At the time I was somewhat skeptical that would happen. As expected, it didn’t. When asked if the company would re-run any of its older games in the future, Jack replied something along the lines of “never say never.”

The two mentioned in their conversation that Steve Ritchie had just cut his first whitewood for his upcoming Jersey Jack game and that unsurprisingly the game will be “fast.”

That was pretty much all I personally picked up in the way of new news from the event, though admittedly I was watching it and the NCAA tournament at the exact same time lol. Most of the other banter involved taking potshots at Stern Pinball, a reference to Steve’s past feuds with Pat Lawlor, a discussion about the company’s playfield issues on GNR and lots of interesting stories from the past. It was really a great presentation that was well run by Jersey Jack’s Marketing & Communications Specialist Ken Cromwell. It’s definitely worth a watch. Click on the link below to check it out:

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