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Now Even Easier to Subscribe to Instant Knapp Arcade Pinball and Arcade News Updates

The Knapp Arcade website has always had a cool feature that enables readers to provide their e-mail addresses to get real-time updates sent to their Inbox whenever I publish breaking pinball or arcade news up on the site. However, the easiest section to subscribe to that functionality was at the bottom of the website's main page, which was also set to scroll articles infinitely. I'm sure that was frustrating to anyone trying to use it. Sorry about that.

I'm happy to report that I recently redesigned the website slightly to make it easier than ever to subscribe to the Knapp Arcade newsletters. No spam. No ads. No need to wait a week. Just instant alerts any time anything happens in the hobby(s). Thanks to the person who e-mailed about this this morning for the inspiration to make this much-needed change to the website.

I'll probably play around with the site to make it prettier one of these days. I'd love to add a section for the thousands of arcade pictures that I've taken over the years. I also need to update the Knapp Arcade merch, which is still available to buy in the Shop using the menu at the top of the site.

Anyhow, subscribe away to instant pinball and arcade alerts by scrolling to the now reachable bottom of the Knapp Arcade front page page :). Thanks!

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I also wrote this applet that sends instant alerts to my phone using IFTTT

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Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
4 days ago
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Oh wow. Fancy!

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