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Pedretti Gaming Officially Reveals Whirlwind Total Chaos Pinball Kit; Rumors on Next Kits

After months of speculation about what Pedretti Gaming's next 2.0 pinball kit is following its debut title FunHouse 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare, this morning the Company officially unveiled Whirlwind 2.0 aka "Whirlwind Total Chaos."

Word on the street is that at least two more 2.0 kits are in the works at Pedretti, including ones for High Speed and Black Knight.

The Whirlwind kit includes eight new modes, three new Wizard Modes and new multiballs. It is available for sale directly from Pedretti Gaming on its website or from various distributors for €2,200 in Europe and $2,200 USD in the United States. Below are the details of the new kit:

"Pedretti Gaming is a partner of Planetary Pinball for production of Williams/Bally licensed parts. Our company is focused on production of 2.0 Kits and assembly of pinball machines.

In association with Planetary Pinball we present our second game KIT: Whirlwind™ Total Chaos™

Our kit gives new life and a really modern look to Whirlwind™!

Parts included in the kit: - Speaker Panel (wood and artwork) - New 14 inch LCD HD Display - New high quality Speakers - FAST Sys 11 MPU - Pinsound XL Audio PCB - Custom Side Blades - Custom Traslite (printed on 3mm acrylic) - Customized Packaging

With Whirlwind 2.0 Kit you can play the original and the new code Total Chaos™"

Direct purchase: -

European distributors:

- Freddy’s Pinball Paradise

US distributors:

- CoinTaker:

- Planetary Pinball Supply

UK Distributor:

AUS Distributor:

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I heard the rumors about this, and it's true! And I just sold my Whirlwind lol, but sold it to a friend (knowing this :). Looks goofy-fun-tastic. It's great to see these pre-DMD machines get a facelift! Thanks Pedretti and home-brewers!

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