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Pedretti Gaming Reveals Remake of Williams FunHouse Pinball Machine

Today at Noon Eastern time, Pedretti Gaming officially revealed their new, much talked about remake of Williams' 1990 classic Pat Lawlor game FunHouse.

The game will come in two versions, a Limited Edition and a Classic Edition.

Limited to 750 units, the $9,999 Limited Edition includes two versions of the game, the original FunHouse code and Pedretti's new FunHouse 2.0 "Rudy's Nightmare" code. Both games use a 21.5" LCD display in the backbox.

The LE also features all-new reimagined FunHouse artwork by artist Brian Allen of Flyland Designs, RGB LEDs, a 4" mini screen on the playfield, RGB LEDs in Rudy's eyes, lit interior art blades, "Midnight Blue" armor trim, an apron with an RGB LED light show, an enhanced sound system, autoplunger, shaker motor, glare-resistant "Magic Glass" and comes with an engraved FunHouse watch.

The Classic Edition, priced at $7,499, doesn't have the new art or the 2.0 kit, but it is easily upgradable to the 2.0 version because it still comes with the autoplunger, mini-screen and FAST boards.

A 3D molded fully-integrated topper will be available for sale for the Limited Edition model at a later date. The Classic Edition will have an add-on "Rudy's Nightmare" topper available.

The LE model comes with a 2-year warranty on electronics and a 1-year warranty on mechanical and other components. The Classic Edition's warranty is 1-year and 6 months, respectively.

Production of the games has already begun. Pre-Production games are already on their way to distributors' showrooms. Anyone who is interested in ordering one can find a distributor using the link below:

The machines:

Limited Edition Flyer:

Classic Edition Flyer:

Limited Edition pictures:

Classic Edition pictures:

Game closeups:

Feature Matrix:

Game trailer:

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