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Pedretti Gaming Shares Pictures of Parts for Upcoming Bally Williams Remake

Minutes ago, Pedretti Gaming shared pictures of parts for its first in a series of upcoming remakes of classic Bally Williams games that it is going to produce in conjunction with the license-holder Planetary Pinball.

As initially reported by Kaneda's Pinball Podcast, Pedretti's first remake will be of the 1990 Pat Lawlor-designed game FunHouse. Pedretti has previously stated that it is using playfields from CPR in the game. Much like Pedretti's previously-released 2.0 kit for FunHouse, Rudy's Nightmare, the full FunHouse machine will use boards from FAST Pinball. The game will come in three different versions, the Classic, Premium and Limited Edition.

In a YouTube video released this morning, the YouTuber RetroCengo stated that the new FunHouse game from Pedretti will have improved mechs for the often problematic Rudy head in the game. Supposedly the look of the original FunHouse Rudy head will be different in the new game as well. The Premium and Limited Editions of the machine will have different art from Brian Allen, who did the art for the FunHouse 2.0 kit. Pedretti will supposedly have machines in the box and ready to ship when the game is officially revealed.

I've been told that the pricing that was initially leaked for the title is incorrect. I've seen talk that European pricing will be around 7,000 Euros for the Classic game. I have seen higher prices than that for Australia, recently shared by the Australian distributor Mr. Pinball Australia:

  • Classic edition Price $13,990 AUD

  • Premium Edition Price $15,990 AUD

  • Collector Edition (500 units Worldwide) Price $19,990 AUD We can only buy 4 CE for every 10 Classic/Premium games Sold.

I think that the U.S. Pricing will likely come in at around $7,595, but that's pure speculation on my point. As I mentioned, it will definitely be less expensive for the Standard version of the game than the previously reported $8,000 USD.

I don't know the exact timing of the official reveal of the game other than I keep hearing that it will be "soon."


Some cool pics from our factory before the weekend!

"These things are growing fast! "

Have a nice weekend, and STAY TUNED!

A look at the already released FunHouse 2.0 kit from Pedretti:

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Is Rudy's Nightmare (2.0 upgrade) actually better than the original?

Replying to

Yes, totally subjective. But as I said, this was the "general consensus".

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