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Pedretti Gaming Shows Off FunHouse Remake on the Line; Changes to Stern Pinball's John Wick During Development

This morning, Pedretti Gaming showed off pictures of both versions of its upcoming remake of the 1990 Williams pinball machine FunHouse on the line at its factory in Italy.

Speaking of Pedretti Gaming, a couple of weeks ago Cary Hardy recently interviewed the head of the Company Andrea Pedretti on his YouTube channel. Here's my notes from the interview.

  • Pedretti is working on a new Bally Williams 2.0 kit that may be launched sometime next year.

  • The Auto-Plunger for the FunHouse 2.0 is coming, they are waiting for the supplier to provide them.

  • Pedretti will give its distributors monthly production updates to help give customers an idea of when games will ship.

  • The first 50 FunHouse Remakes were sent to distributors to be used as showroom games and for early adopters. When they reach full production, Pedretti will manufacture 120 games per month.

  • 70% of the games will be Limited Edition games and 30% will be Classic Edition from Day 1. Both games will be produced from the start, so there will be no long wait for one type of customer.

  • Customers who have original FunHouses will find replacement parts much more readily available in the future from Planetary Pinball.

  • Pedretti is looking to produce iconic games going forward. The next game they release will again have Limited and Classic Editions.


Artist Randy Martinez and Game Designer Elliott Eisman gave a great presentation on the making of Stern Pinball’s John Wick at last weekend’s Northwest Pinball and Arcade Expo. I have two interesting new tidbits that I took away from the seminar.

  • The callouts for the game were originally supposed to be done by Lance Reddick who played the character Charon in the John movie series. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 60 before they could be recorded. Fortunately, Stern was able to get a great replacement for the callouts in Ian McShane, who plays Wilson in the film series. He has a very distinctive voice that sounds great in the game.

  • An early prototype of Stern Pinball's John Wick had an upper playfield.

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