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Pedretti Gaming Teases New FunHouse 2.0 Topper

Happy Friday everyone! Whew, It's been quite a week. Not in the world of pinball and arcade news, where I haven't seen anything of interest in days but personally my wife is away on business so I'm holding down the fort while being absolutely swamped at work (not that you care, but I'm sharing anyhow lol).

I'm currently working on four new arcade location reports from last weekend's road trip. I'm hoping to get them up next week when I catch up on everything around here. In the meantime, we have this small bit of news out of the Italian manufacturer Pedretti Gaming this morning. Continuing the topper madness that we've been seeing in pinball lately, Pedretti is teasing a new topper for its FunHouse 2.0 Rudy's Nightmare kits. I'll report back when it is actually revealed.

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