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Picture of New Chicago Gaming Company / Play Mechanix Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine Leaks

Rumored to have another trailer coming out sometime today, once again pictures of a pinball manufacturer's game have leaked on Pinside prior to their official reveal.

It appears as though the earlier, super grainy photos of the Pulp Fiction playfield that were put up on Pinside and then deleted last week were indeed real. The Mark Ritchie-designed collaboration between Chicago Gaming Company and Play Mechanix appears to be a throwback design with solid state alpha-numeric score displays instead of a DMD or LCD screen. It also appears as though the game may have a single level playfield, meaning that it has no ramps but it's difficult to say for certain from this picture. To me, it gives off an early-80s Williams vibe.

Many questions about the new game still remain. What will it be priced at? It looks like it won't have any Pulp Fiction video assets, but will it have audio from the film, voice actors or just digital pinball sounds? The initial trailer from the game contained music from the film, will that be in the pin? Hopefully we get official pictures and more information on the game sometime today.

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Tomas Virgin
Tomas Virgin
12 lis 2023

Haha, nice job on the New Chicago Gaming Company image. It is worth noting the site with pictures deli from which the materials were taken. I think now the game will be a great success

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