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Early Spooky Pinball Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prototype; the Lost Halloween Video Mode

Here's an interesting new social media post from Spooky Pinball 👻. Spooky Luke just shared a picture of the first code-ready prototype of Spooky's new pinball machine Texas Pinball Massacre.

"I still have lots more "the making of" photos of Scooby Doo however I suppose I can start showing Looney Tunes/Texas Chainsaw proto content finally! On a sunny summer day 18 months ago we dropped off the first code ready prototype at Ben Heck's house."

I love seeing this behind-the-scenes stuff!

In other Spooky news, Nudge Magazine recently took a tour of the Company's factory. Spooky shared some pictures that Nudge took for an upcoming article that they're writing on the facility. Nudge always takes good pictures, they beat me out for best pinball photography :), so make sure to check those pics out below too.

Ooh I have one more Spooky tidbit for everyone. I was speaking with Spooky Pinball's Bug during my Facebook Live unboxing of the new Atari 2600+ this evening and he told us that Halloween's early code contained a Video Mode that was modeled after the classic Atari game Kaboom 💥 , where Michael Meyers dropped knives from above that had to be caught. Alas, the code for it no longer exists. I would have loved to have seen that!

The Nudge Pictures:

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Well that is just fun content! Very cool! I think it's time to start bringing back the video modes to pinball. Yes they have always been lack luster and simplistic; also limited to a left and right flipper input/trigger, but perhaps a new revitalized video mode utilizing the 3rd button input now popularly being integrated into modern games and/or first switch and second switch met flipper buttons pressed to navigate video modes. There is huge potential to capitalize on bringing the video modes back. I'm surprised we haven't seen that card played yet.

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