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Pictures & Video of Jersey Jack Pinball’s New Game Leak

If you’re stopping by here this morning, you probably already know that a couple of hours ago, numerous pictures and video of Jersey Jack Pinball’s new pinball machine leaked online. It appears as though someone figured out how to access a hidden portion of the company’s website that contains tons of information on the game early. As of this writing, that link still works.

I stayed up past midnight last night working on a super cool launch post for the game, but unfortunately I am legally bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) from releasing it until after the company’s official reveal at Noon EST today. Make sure to check back then for tons of information and pictures of the awesome-looking new game.

After seeing the video, to me the game sort of looks like No Good Gophers and Willy Wonka had a baby. I bet that it’s really fun to play, but some people are already expressing their disappointment that the game is based solely on the fourth movie in the series.

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