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Pictures of Merlin's Magic, The Who and more Deeproot Pinball Prototypes

While obviously horrendously sad, both in terms of the money that investors lost and jobs that employees lost, the upcoming Deeproot bankruptcy auction is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of interesting pictures to look at. Mel Davis auctions slowly continues to add to the listing.

This latest round of pics included a number of whitewoods that Deeproot designers were working on, including one that is clearly labeled "Merlin's Magic." Merlin’s Magic was supposedly a Jon Norris design that was based on the classic game 8 Ball Deluxe’s design.

The playfield in one of the other pictures with the van on it may have been for a pin based on The Who, which Deeproot was rumored to be working on but was never confirmed to have secured the license for.

All of these whitewoods seem to be just slapped into random cabinets that have the wrong game names on them, so who knows for sure what was what for sure.

Good old Mel and his team might want to invest in a camera that has a few more megapixels, but the pics are interesting nonetheless.

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