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Pictures of Next Arcade1Up Home Machine Leak...Time Crisis

For those of you who follow the home arcade machine market this news won't come as a surprise, but for the rest of us it's interesting. Arcade1Up has been rumored to be coming out with a Time Crisis home arcade cabinet for quite some time. Pictures and video of the actual machine and what games are on it have recently begun to leak. I have a bunch of pictures, which purportedly are from a Swiss retailer's website, below.

The upcoming 1Up Time Crisis cabinet supposedly will include four games - Time Crisis (obviously), Point Blank, Steel Gunner and Steel Gunner 2. Time Crisis is obviously a great game, but don't overlook Point Blank. I have a Japanese knockoff of Point Blank in my home arcade called Zero Point Two and it gets a ton of gameplay from my sons and their friends. Think of it as a family-friendly shooter that's filled with a number of head-to-head mini-games.

Since the Time Crisis cab has not been officially announced yet, I don't think that there's any official pricing for it out there. I heard rumors that it would be $799 late last year, but that seems way too expensive to me...even in today's super inflated world. The new Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter Pro Deluxe cabinet has an MSRP of "only" $599 right now. Pricing Time Crisis any higher than that seems like a stretch to me.

Any cabinet that Arcade1Up comes out with that contains controls that can't be easily replicated in MAME, like shooters and driving games, automatically interests me. I've picked up a couple of those on sale over the years, like Terminator and Star Wars. Having said that, right now I'm personally desperately trying not to accumulate any more "stuff" in anticipation of an upcoming move at some point in the next couple of years. So even though I think that this looks pretty cool, I probably will not be getting one. What do you think?

Someone from Australia apparently already has the Time Crisis cabinet. They shared the below Instagram video a couple of days ago. I have included a link to the aforementioned ad and new pictures of the game below as well. According to the ad, the game has WiFi, a 17" LCD monitor and "Two guns with mechanical slide function."

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