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Pictures of Deeproot Pinball’s Lost Barry Oursler Game - Food Truck and More Prototypes

The folks at Mel Davis Auctions continue to dig through the closed Deeproot Pinball headquarters and list more of the company’s remaining assets for its upcoming bankruptcy auction. Check this out…never before seen pictures of the pinball machine that Barry Oursler was working on when Deeproot closed, Food Truck.

The new lots also include the previously assumed missing, high-end Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland pinball machine and several whitewoods in various stages of development. Two of the whitewoods looks like they might be for the Fire and Brimstone pinball machine and the Space Cadet machine (which rumor has it ran into licensing issues).

The official auction will be held on-line only starting March 14th. I'm really curious to see what sort of prices these items fetch.

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