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Pinball Adventures' New Pinball Machine Punny Factory to Go Location Tour

This afternoon Jeff Cernava of Mad Pinball announced that he is taking one of the first production units of Pinball Adventures' new pinball machine Punny Factory, on a tour of Ohio locations. The tour kicks off tomorrow night at 7:00 PM when the game will appear on location for the first time ever (other than shows of course) at Unhitched Brewing Company in Louisville, Ohio. The specific game that will be available for the public to play is actually the fancier Engraved Edition of Punny Factory.

The tour continues on July 19th at Rack It Up arcade in Canton, Ohio and July 24th at Quarter Up Bar and Arcade in Akron, Ohio. Jeff is actively working on adding additional locations to the tour beyond that.

Below are a bunch of pictures of the machine that will be touring and links to the websites for the locations and Mad Pinball for anyone who's interested:

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How much more black can the cabinet be? And the answer is...wait wrong game

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