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Pinball Adventures Shares Factory Tour

This evening the new pinball company Pinball Adventures shared a tour of their facility on YouTube. The tour showed off a number of machines in various states of being assembled, a game in the box ready to ship and a glimpse at prototypes of other games that the Pinball Adventures is working on, Elements and Foresaken Ninja.

The description of the video states that Pinball Adventures has the capacity to manufacture roughly 10 to 20 games per month. I have embedded the video and a number of pictures from it below:

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Olivia Dupont
Olivia Dupont
May 13, 2023

Kudos to Kaneda (even if i don't always appreciate the guy's attitude) to have set up this pizza party challenge for boutique pinball companies as it brings up those nice factory tours lately : first Spooky, then Dutch Pinball, now Pinball Adventures... who's next ? 😃


The Kaneda challenge getting the results, kudos where its due

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