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An In-Depth Look at the Upcoming Pinball Adventures Game, Punny Factory

Over the past several days the company Pinball Adventures has posted a number of pictures and a short video teasing it’s first pinball machine “Punny Factory.”

The playfield layout for Punny Factory was designed by Dave Sanders, who formerly worked at Heighway Pinball and designed its game “Full Throttle” and worked on “Alien.”

The single-level game has “two flippers, a Vari-target, three drop targets, three pop bumpers, a kickback, an up-kicker and seventeen stand-up targets.”

The center of the playfield contains a toy called the “Punny Press.” Described as a “machine which presses all the Puns back together. Underneath the molded Punny Press model is an up-kicker saucer which is guarded by a drop target.”

Rather than translites, the games will feature a reverse screen printed acrylic backglass and the will run on a Raspberry Pi.

On its website, Pinball Adventures provides the following description of Punny Factory’s theme:

Oh no, there’s been an explosion at the Punny Factory and all the Puns are loose! We need your help to gather up all of the missing and broken Puns. Along the way you will have to collect all the nuts, bolts, gears and springs that have been littered over the factory floor from the explosion. Help Casey get the Punny Factory up and running again!”

The company claims that the game will come with an optional functioning factory smokestack:

”To spice up the fun factor, you can add a smoke machine to the Punny Factory. A tube from the smoke machine would expel the smoke through a 3D chimney on the top of the machine whenever a Punny is being pressed. This killer option is a unique feature that can elevate your customer’s user experience and fun-factor.”

As far as rules go, the objective in the game is to press all 50 “Puns, with your progress shown by a circle of inserts above the flippers.“

Pinball Adventures plans to build 100 Standard Edition and 12 Engraved Edition Punny Factories.

Regardless of what one thinks of this game’s theme and the much maligned Pinball Adventures books, I have to give the company credit for sharing a ton of pictures of its production process.

I can‘t directly embed Instagram videos to this site, so here’s a link to a short video that Pinball Adventures recently posted for anyone who is interested:

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