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PINBALL AND ARCADE SWAP MEET: Rockland Pinball - Nanuet, NY (September 2021)

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in the Northeast, so my youngest son and I put the top down on the Jeep and took a nice ride up to a swap meet in New York State at Rockland Pinball.

Rob at Rockland was kind enough to open up his doors to everyone for a big open house / parts swap meet at his pinball retail location. He even served everyone tasty free burgers and BBQ. 🍔

I have a fairly long history with Rockland, having bought my first real pinball machine, World Cup Soccer ⚽️, from Rob years ago. I also bought an X-Files from him a couple of years after that.

Tons of pinball and arcade machines were set up for free play for everyone to try out. There was also a tremendous amount of parts for sale for people to pick through, from populated and unpopulated playfields to boards and all sorts of other parts.

A fellow local collector, Brady, my son and I had an opportunity to look through Rockland’s secret storage containers of parts. The highlight of the day for me was stumbling across a signed Williams Pinball 2000 Revenge From Mars prototype playfield #1 actually signed by George Gomez himself. In fact, Rockland had more Pinball 2000 paraphernalia than I’ve ever seen in one place. From multiple working RFM and Star Wars Episode 1 pins to a fully populated practically new SWE1 playfield with the rarely seen magnetic side art. Really neat stuff.

Word on the street is that in the near future Rockland may be opening up its doors to the public for game play on Friday and Saturday nights. Keep an eye out for that. This post in a way is a fun sneak peek of a potential new pinball location in this area. Here’s 50 or so pictures of the event to check out…

My son and I had a great time at Rockland. That was just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come this fall. I have lots of cool trips planned to share with everyone…from auctions to the awesome Pintastic New England convention to the annual Fall Arcade Road Trip (TM) with Rob. There’s lots of awesome stuff on tap and I can’t wait to show everyone. Thanks for reading! And remember the archives of all these pictures and write-ups are always available on my new website

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