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Pinball Brothers Announces New Ellen Ripley Translite for Alien Pinball

Earlier today, Pinball Brothers announced that they have received approval to include Sigourney Weaver's character Ellen Ripley in a new version of the translite for the Company's alien pinball machine. Customers who purchase the new Ripley Edition of the game before December 31st will receive both new translites, this new one and the recently revealed "Loader" version.

As mentioned previously, Ripley now appears in the code for the game. Specifically, Alien Pinball now contains 33 new movie clips containing the character. The new code is available to all owners of Pinball Brothers' Alien machines. The new Ripley version also contains new sculpts from The Art of Pinball. It is on sale now for $7,995 USD, which in todays market is a fantastic deal.

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