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Pinball Brothers Expanding Production; To Announce Third Game In 2023

This weekend Punball Brothers, maker of the Alien and Queen pinball machines, sent out an e-mail with a bunch of new information on its current and future business.

The Italian company that Pinball Brothers is working with to manufacture its machines, Pedretti Gaming, is moving to a bigger facility to increase its capacity and enable parallel production of both the Alien and Queen model at the same time. Pedretti has increased its production to 100 machines per month.

Last week Pinball Brothers shared pictures of the first Queen pinball machines for customers being produced. Those games are scheduled to begin shipping this week. Pre-orders for Queen were very strong. The current estimated ship date Queens ordered now is around Easter 2023.

Pinball Brothers will bring its Queen Rhapsody and Champion Editions games to the Texas Pinball Festival in March.

Regarding the possibility of another game, the Company stated:

"Yes, there will be another product announcement in 2023."

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