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Pinball Brothers Launches New U.S. On-Line Store, Shows Off New Code, Has Something Big In the Works

I have a couple of new announcements this morning and a teaser for the European manufacturer of the Alien and Queen pinball machines, Pinball Brothers.

First off, the company just launched a brand new on-line store for its U.S. customers (link below). The store was created to sell parts and add-ons for Pinball Brothers' games and a mysterious "things to come."

In other Pinball Brother news, the Company just released a brand new video that shows off the upcoming new code for its Queen Pinball machine (embedded below).

While we're on the subject, I finally had a chance to play Queen for the first time last weekend at the Game Gallery arcade in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It was really fun. I have included a bunch of pictures of Queen and Alien that I recently took on location below.

Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled for some big new announcements from Pinball Brothers in the next couple of months!

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