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Pinball Brothers Reveals Art, Sculpts and Price of New Alien Ellen Ripley Edition

Whoa it's raining pinball news today. Last week we talked about how Pinball Brothers, maker of the Alien and Queen pinball machines, is going to launch a brand new Ellen Ripley version of Alien at Pinball Expo. This afternoon, the company unexpectedly revealed the art and pricing for the new machine.

Dear Alien and Pinball Fans! Here we have some more info and the first peeks into our new Ripley Version.

Yes, the MSRP is 7,995 USD. Check the Link in bio for our full announcement. There will be some detail pics of the sculpts later today, too. Please be patient, a lot more info will come in the following days.

Included are a hand-sculpted Mini-Screen, a hand-painted Xeno-Head and a beautifully designed Apron. Also in planning is a gorgeous interactive Topper which we hope to include in our Expo presentation.

Pre-Orders can be taken with our Distributors.

The game is scheduled to ship Mid-November.

Some of the add-ons may be scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

If you are in Chicago and coming to Pinball Expo please drop by our booth and give the machine a spin.

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