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Pinball Brothers Reveals Brand New Art of Pinball Alien Topper

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Hot off the press, here's the first pictures of Pinball Brothers' brand new topper for alien, sculpted by The Art of Pinball!

For the Alien Pinball, winner of the Best Theme Integration and Sounds in the 2022 Pinball Awards, we now bring you the Alien Queen Interactive Topper. This topper will crown your Alien Pinball and make your gaming experience even more immersive. Fits all Alien models (SV/LV/Ripley Version)

Total price is $1,395 + shipping. Deposit $200 (non-refundable) is deducted on final invoice. Scheduled to ship in February

Topper features:

• Moving tail that is interactive with the game • Hand sculpted & -painted Xenomorph in a truly immersive Alien environment

• Multitude of addressable RGB LEDs that is interactive in modes and game, such as below.

• Six hand-painted egg sculpts that lit up and are individually interactive with game modes

• Individually controlled tubes in the backboard - interactive with game modes

• Flashers around the Alien Queen for spectacular lights shows and effects • Quality of a collectible figurine • Limited run of 300 pcs

NOTE! Beacons are optional and are not included. Topper includes cover plates when beacons are not installed. Beacons can be purchased separately for SV and Ripley Version owners while LV owners easily transfer their existing beacons to use with the topper. 

Disclaimer: Prototype shown. Paint and colours may differ from production topper.

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Pinball Party
Pinball Party
Oct 18, 2023

Pinball tubes!


Oct 18, 2023

Ok, this is perpetually getting out of hand now. Potentially $1600 with shipping and taxes for the topper and then another possible $200 for the beacons. Is it a beautifull topper with movement? Yes. But the price is just ridiculous! I thought we capped out with the Stern toppers, but it looks like the ceiling is unlimited. At this rate, the toppers will be close to the same price as the game if this trend continues. They will sell out of them of course, so apparently the price is right.

Roland Buck
Roland Buck
Oct 23, 2023
Replying to

Outrageous indeed... 3D printed and hand painted should not be more than $500 for something like this. Hard Pass! I will print my own topper and paint it, not that difficult to do, they have some awesome Alien 3D models and even complete dioramas available online for a few dollars. Very disappointed in you Pinball Brothers! This should have been part of your LE (Limited Version) model that I purchased to start with?!

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