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Pinball Brothers Shares Pictures of and Details on Upcoming ABBA Pinball Machine - UPDATED with Exclusive Pricing Information & Song List

This afternoon, the European pinball manufacturer Pinball Brothers shared pictures of its upcoming third game, ABBA, with various media outlets. Check them out below.

The pinball machine will come in two variants, the regular or "Arrival" Limited Edition and the "Voyage" Collector Edition version. Total ABBA Production is limited to 800 units, 300 Collector Editions and 500 Limited Editions. It features more than 20 of ABBAs greatest hits and music videos, a fully interactive "Arrival Helicopter" from the iconic Arrival album cover and a disco ball.

Pinball Brothers is holding a launch event for the game on April 6th at 18:00 local time - which happens to be the 50th anniversary of the date that ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Medallion of Power is your magic key during this journey. Piece it together and let the rapid voyage through time and dimensions begin. Creating their Abbatars requires you to gather three main elements: the band members instruments, outfits – and their souls. When you manage to obtain them all, you must travel back in time to follow their footsteps during their tours in the 70’s and 80’s: Sweden, the Nordics, Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

Completing these tasks will briefly open a portal to the Voyage dimension. Dive into it and search for the Medallion of Power to unlock three epic multiball battles, before facing the final wizard mode. The better you do, the more powerful the Medallion will get...

Will you succeed in making ABBA eternal? Play and find out.


I now have exclusive pricing information for the games -

Arrival Limited Edition (500 units) MSRP $9,995 USD

Voyage Collector Edition (300 units) MSRP $10,995 USD

And a list of the game's first 16 ABBA songs -

  1. Dancing Queen

  2. Does Your Mother Know

  3. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

  4. Mamma Mia

  5. Money, Money, Money

  6. Ring Ring

  7. SOS

  8. Super Trouper

  9. Take A Chance on Me

  10. Voulez-Vous

  11. Waterloo

  12. The Winner Takes it All

  13. Summer Night City

  14. Eagle

  15. Knowing me, Knowing you

  16. Tiger

  17. ?

  18. ?

  19. ?

  20. ?

Pictures of the ABBA Arrival:

Pictures of ABBA Voyage:

Pictures of ABBA's playfield:

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the ugly orange hair chick on the backglass has ABBulge


The Arrival LE edition has the curb appeal of an old couch.


Abba's BEST SONG of all time for me was from 1981 called "The Visitors" ....the beat is terrific and the melody hypnotic, but the message is eerie--is it political or about someone slowly losing their mind? Listen to it! I have played it hundreds of times. Todd

Apr 05
Replying to

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a listen.


Huge mistake at the price point. Should have been priced like the Ripley Edition, even then. The artwork just blends together. They need to hire a good artist.

So many pinball manufacturers competing for our money and at $10k for the average price on pins, I don’t see the market for NIB to be able to be sustained.

Will wait for gameplay video, but still out.

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