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Pinball Brothers Ships Out Another Batch of Alien Machines

Boy the Pinball Brothers have really started to crank out those Alien pinball machines. The company just shared the following update on social media:

Here we go again! A container filled with alien joy for the US left this week. We know you are waiting anxiously for your games. The good news is, despite container shortages and delays, the number of games going out continue to grow by the week!

That's a lot of machines considering the fact that another bunch just went out a week or two ago. This is good news for both new and EA customers.

I continue to keep my ear to the ground for any information about the company's second machine, Queen, which we had a peek at a prototype of a while ago. Rumor has it that it will be released this fall. The second half of 2022 is going to be really exciting for pinball with a new Stern title in the works, the imminent release of Jersey Jack's next game and new games in the works from American Pinball and perhaps even Spooky Pinball and Chicago Gaming Company.

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