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Pinball Expo Hype...NIB Magic Girls for Sale, Tour Stern' New Factory, Meet the GTF Cast, New Games?

We're only three weeks away from the next big National Pinball Show, Chicago's Pinball Expo and the Expo folks have begun to hype up the event. Over the past several days the Expo social media team has shared a couple of interesting things that are going to happen at this year's show.

This morning Expo announced that two of the famous, or infamous depending upon your perspective, New In Box Zidware Magic Girl pinball machines will be available for sale at the event. I'm sure that a lot of people will find this cool and a bunch will say "So what?", gives me an excuse to share a picture of the game's amazing Zombie Yeti art, so I'll take it :).

Also at Expo, American Pinball is conducting a seminar and is bringing the cast of its most recent pinball machine Galactic Tank Force for a meet and greet.

The show also features the first ever tour of Stern Pinball's brand new factory, which should be fascinating.

The question remains, will we see any new pinball machines revealed at this year's Expo? While I have no definitive information on this subject, I'm going to say "Yes" with an Over / Under for you betting folks of Two New Game Reveals.

Who will we see new pinball machines from? Mystery Pinball Company and Pinball Brothers perhaps? I don't think that we are going to see a new game from Jersey Jack yet, though I do expect a new game from JJP before the end of 2023. We could hear something about Stern Pinball's mysterious fall production hole, but I don't think that we'll see a new cornerstone game from Stern until January's Consumer Electronics Expo.

Again, the new game talk is all just fun speculation, but I expect some of it to be right lol. I suspect that a lot of interesting News will come out of this year's event.

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Todd Tuckey
Todd Tuckey
Sep 27, 2023

AND, of course, I will be there, along with the other TNT folks-- Frank, Fanboy John, Chuck, and my daughter Terry! We will have a BALL!

Sep 27, 2023
Replying to

Looking forward to your videos of the event.

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