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Pinball Gallery - Malvern, PA (November 2018)

It’s fall lacrosse season. That means that my oldest son has club lacrosse games in Pennsylvania...and that I get to visit the awesome Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA. Sherry Newman Disney’s arcade was amazing as always.

My family and I got out first opportunity to play Jersey Jack’s new Pirates of the Caribbean pin. They really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. I think that I got to play the production version of Pirates before Zac Meny, which brings me great joy lol.

Outside of putting my first games in on Pirates, my usual modus operandi when visiting arcades is to try to play games that I’ve never tried before. Today I put up a massive score on Williams Solar Fire on my first ever game on it. I was at seven hundred thousand and change and the record at this location was only nine.

My son and I also played the heck out of a super wide body pin, Gottlieb Roller Disco. We had a blast with it, despite Dennis Kriesel’s hatred of the segment.

Other uncommon games that my son’s and I focused our attention on include Gottlieb Sinbad, Williams Laser Cue, Williams Blackout, Williams Disco Fever (with its weird curved flippers) and Gottlieb Pink Panther. To me all pinball is good pinball. No snooty patootie here.

Of course, The Pinball Gallery doesn’t just have older games. They have the latest and greatest as well, Dialed In, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, you name it.

If I lived near The Pinball Gallery, I’d definitely buy a lifetime pass or whatever the longest available access is. Great people, great place. Definitely check it out if you’re in the Malvern area.

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