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Pinball M Out Today; New Pinball Brothers Sculpts; Dutch Pinball Cranking Out Games & More

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I have a bunch of pictures and quick news bites for everyone this evening.

  • Some cool pictures of the new Pinball Brothers Lior Art of Pinball Sculpts being installed in Alien pinball machines

  • Pictures of the Dutch Pinball factory churning out Big Lebowskis

  • And pictures of the four new Pinball M horror-themed pinball tables that came out today from Zen Pinball

  • In other video game news, the amazing Atari 50 anthology that's playable on Steam and other platforms is receiving a free holiday update with even more cool old school classic arcade game content soon. I've been playing a ton of this game lately. Digital Eclipse did an amazing job creating it. There's even lots of historical interviews and videos in it.

  • Last but not least, the New Jersey Jack pinball machine Elton John is now appearing on location at the Route 61 Pinbar in Sunbury, PA. I've heard that there may be one at On Tilt at Ayce Gogi in Van Nuys, CA as well. I can't wait to try it out.

Here we go...

The Alien sculpts:

The Dutch Pinball factory:

The new Pinball M tables:

Atari 50:

The soon to be unboxed location Elton John:

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