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Pinball Machine Sighting! In this Park City, Utah Mansion

Now this house doesn't hold a candle to the one that I shared last week, but this new real estate listing has a solid collection of pins for a random place and the views are absurd. They sure timed the pics in this listing well, the aspen in the Mountains during the fall are always amazing. Plus instead of $40 Million, it's only $15.9 Million. What a bargain! This place has so much less land than the last one though, "only" 18.9 acres and the Home Owners Association fee is an insane $22,650 annually HAHA.

The Game Room contains ping ping, foosball, shuffleboard, a multi-cade, Stern Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Stern Batman 66 and surprisingly The Jetsons (Spooky - kind of, also The Pinball Company). There's also a movie theatre and a Pepsi machine.

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David Hofman
David Hofman
Dec 03, 2022

While seeing pins in homes we can't afford to LIVE in here is my cabin in Pinetop Arizona that is available to rent. It has a secret door that gives access to a cool game room. NEW! Beautiful Creekside Cabin: Secret Game Room! | Evolve

Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
Dec 06, 2022
Replying to

Wow, very cool place. Thanks for sharing!

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