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Pinball Machine Sighting! In this Park City, Utah Mansion

Now this house doesn't hold a candle to the one that I shared last week, but this new real estate listing has a solid collection of pins for a random place and the views are absurd. They sure timed the pics in this listing well, the aspen in the Mountains during the fall are always amazing. Plus instead of $40 Million, it's only $15.9 Million. What a bargain! This place has so much less land than the last one though, "only" 18.9 acres and the Home Owners Association fee is an insane $22,650 annually HAHA.

The Game Room contains ping ping, foosball, shuffleboard, a multi-cade, Stern Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Stern Batman 66 and surprisingly The Jetsons (Spooky - kind of, also The Pinball Company). There's also a movie theatre and a Pepsi machine.

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