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Pinball News & Notes: Zen's New Pinball FX Partner; Cactus Canyon LE Delays; Venom LE Production

Good morning everyone. Here's a few pinball odds and ends that I've come across over the past couple of days.

First up, on Friday evening Zen Pinball, maker of Bally / Williams and original pinball tables through its Pinball FX platform, announced a new partnership with AtGames. The partnership will kick off with the inclusion of a number of Pinball FX tables in AtGames' upcoming 4K digital pinball table, which will utilize an Addams Family theme. I have included all of the details on the new product below.

AtGames will begin taking $200 pre-order deposits for the new AtGames 4K virtual pinball table on Friday September 22nd. They are offering a discount to consumers who pre-order the earliest. The final price pre-order price for the game is listed as $1,399. The VPs come loaded with 15 tables and the ability to download hundreds more on an à la carte basis or via subscription.

I've been speaking with the folks at the always fantastic Pinball Expo show in Chicago over the past several weeks and supposedly the new AtGames table will be there for people who want to check it out. It looks worlds better than the sub-par Arcade1Up pinball offerings.

Speaking of Pinball Expo, I'm also hearing that the Mystery Pinball Company that we discussed on Friday will be making an appearance at the show as well. Of course, the exact details of the appearance remain...wait for it...a mystery lol.

Switching over from digital pinball to real pinball, there's a lot of chatter out there that Chicago Gaming Company has hit an unexpected snag that has delayed production of its Cactus Canyon Limited Edition machines. One distributor has been informing customers that Cactus Canyon LE production has temporarily stopped and won't resume until the fourth quarter of 2023. People are now wondering if CGC will begin producing its upcoming Pulp Fiction pinball machines during the heavily rumored Cactus Canyon production lull.

On to Stern Pinball, where there is talk that production of the Limited Edition of its newest cornerstone game, Venom, has now begun. Hopefully Stern will share a peek at Venom LE production in its upcoming "Factory Friday" social media post.

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