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Pinball Notes & News 3/30/23: Lebowski Topper, GTF Stream, Punny Factory Gameplay

Good morning folks. We've definitely entered the post mega game launch, post-TPF lull in the world of pinball. So far this week's big news has been Stern's release of accessories for its Rush pinball machine. So I figured that I'd share a few small news items that I've heard over the past day or so.

First off, supposedly Dutch Pinball has an official (in my industry we call it OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer) topper coming for its Big Lebowski pinball machine at some point. Some astute owners who have looked at the code updates for the game have noticed that there is now some code in the machine to control a topper. A representative from Dutch confirmed that a topper is probably coming from the company at some point, but that it might be a while.

Next up we have American Pinball's and its new game Galactic Tank Force. Rumor has it that Jack Danger will stream the legit gameplay of GTF that many have been clamoring for on his Twitch channel Deadflip sometime after this weekend's Midwest Gaming Classic show (MGC). I have not personally confirmed this, but it sounds like a GTF stream is coming. By the way, If you missed out on the Texas Pinball Festival, MGC would be a great place to check out all of the latest and greatest pinball machines. I went to MGC last year and had an absolute blast.

Last up we have Pinball Adventures. As much as I dislike the company's trolling on message boards and past publishing misadventures, I have to say that its first game Punny Factory is shaping up to be a real pinball machine. I have no idea what Pinball Adventures' manufacturing capabilities are like, but the recent short gameplay clip that it shared on Instagram looks pretty good. Yesterday, Pinball Adventures stated that it is bringing Punny Factory to three upcoming pinball shows, the first of which is the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show, which takes place from June 2nd through the 4th at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in Tacoma, Washington.

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