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Pinball Production Updates: American Pinball Pushes Back Houdini, New Stern Delayed Until September?

In a report on the latest episode of The Pinball Network's The Pinball Show (TPS) podcast, Co-Host Zach Meny of Flip N Out Pinball stated that American Pinball recently sent out a note to distributors informing them that its re-run of its first game, Houdini "Master of Mystery", has been pushed back. American is currently producing Ocktoberfest. Since that game shares components with Houdini, American has decided to swap the the scheduled Houdini run with a run of Hot Wheels, which uses different components.

In other production news, Stern Pinball informed dealers that it is seeing continued supply chain disruptions. The Company was manufacturing its last run of Star Wars Premium machines last week. Production of SW Premiums continues into this week, after which they will put Star Wars Pro back on the line. Stern will begin the final production runs of Led Zeppelin and Guardians of the Galaxy in September, a one week or so delay from the company's previously discussed run for these games. Given the lack of communication with dealers about its new upcoming Cornerstone game and the lack of a teaser last week, many people are starting to believe that Stern may have pushed the launch of its next game back to September as well, from its previously stated August target.

You can listen to these production updates and other interesting pinball news in this week's episode of TPS:

The Pinball Show Ep 111: Bridging The Pinball Gaps

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