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Pinball Tournament to Benefit Needy Children this Weekend

This Sunday, a great charity pinball tournament event and stream are taking place to benefit a fantastic cause that builds beds for underprivileged children.

The tournaments are being held at the North End Pub in Lafayette, Indiana on Sunday December 18th from 12:00 PM until midnight. The North End Pub has a stellar 25 pin lineup. All of the games will be set to Free Play for people who donate to the charity. There will be four tournaments during the event, a Flip Frenzy, a 4-Strikes, a Timed Matchplay and an official James Bond Launch Party. The only game that won't be on Free Play is James Bond. All of the coin drop from Bond will be given to the charity as well.

Only ten pinball machines will be used in the tournaments, so players who want to help the charity but not play in the tourneys can still play on the more than 15 other games there. In addition to the games, there is a charity auction, both in-person and online, with some really cool items to bid on, including autographed Jersey Jack Pinball-donated playfields and banners, American Pinball-donated backglasses and other items from Spooky Pinball and Stern Pinball.

The event benefits the Indianapolis branch of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. The organization can build bunk beds, complete with mattress, sheets, pillows and blanket for needy children for around $350 each. The organizers of the event are hoping to raise at least $3,000, ideally which would provide beds for nearly 20 kids in the community.

People in the community can support the cause by going to the location and playing pinball, watching the stream by Tommy Skinner and This Flippin Podcast's Twitch Page or by visiting the charity's website (see below).

The North End Pub

Market Square 2100 Elmwood Ave.

Lafayette, IN 47905

(765) 447-5773

Below are several pictures of the great pinball location, last year's and some of the charity's work. Make sure to stop by or tune into the stream to support the cause!

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