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Play New Stern Pinball James Bond at This Weekend's Houston Arcade Expo

Stern Pinball's newest game, James Bond, still is not available to play on location (at least not that I know of, correct me if I am wrong), but it will be available for people to play at this weekend's Houston Arcade Expo. The event will have five James Bond Pros and five Premiums ready for people to play. As you can see below, the machines are already on-site.

Besides Bond, the event will have hundreds of games set to Free Play. It looks like it will be a great time. Here's the info about the show if you want to check it out:

2022 Houston Arcade Expo

Houston Marriott Westchase

Fri NOV 11th:12p-2a

Sat NOV 12th:10a-2a

Sun NOV 13th: 10a-2pm

Houston Arcade Expo returns as a celebration of pinball, Weird Al, ‘Q*bert’

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