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Possible Evidence that Stern Pinball Is Going to Do Another Production Run of Stranger Things

Last weekend, the folks at the "MichaelBtheGameGenie" YouTube Channel conducted a Comic-Con interview with Stern Pinball designer Brian Eddy. Of course, they talked quite a bit about Brian's most recent game, Venom, but there was something unexpected at around the 33:40 mark of the video. Brian Eddy is also the designer of Stern Pinball's Stranger Things machine, so they asked him whether it will ever be produced again. Here's the conversation:

"One More Question...

Brian, what will it take for me to convince Stern to bring Stranger Things out of the Vault?

He wants to know what it would take for Stern to bring back Stranger Things out of the Vault. He really wants a Stranger Things.

Brian Eddy: Oh yeah. They're really hard to get right now.

So is that something that might be happening?

Brian Eddy: There might be something happening this year...

HOORAY so we might see a Stranger Things Vault?

Brian Eddy: It's not impossible."

Below is a link to and an embedded video for those who want to check out what Brian said about Stranger Things specifically or the rest of the interview.

Let's Talk Venom Stern Pinball With Friends at SDCC

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a big hint it's happening is how all the projectors are available to buy again


Stranger Things confirmed!! DON’T TELL MY WIFE!! She’ll learn to love it! Haha

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