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PRODUCT REVIEW: PinSound Board & Speakers

In an effort to tremendously over-improve my new Stern Monopoly pinball machine I recently decided to give it a complete sound upgrade, with a brand new top of the line PinSound Plus board, new PinSound front speakers 🔊 and a new PinSound Subwoofer. The sound on the game had been pretty crackly ever since I got it and I’ve always wanted to try out PinSound’s stuff. As the popular MEME goes, “Why Not Both?” so while the pin was still up in my work area and not down in the arcade, I fixed the sound with the new parts. As my collector friends like to joke, I always would rather just chuck an old part and replace it with a new one than really fix a problem anyhow lol.

Installation of the board and speakers was not too complicated. However, it certainly isn’t not just a matter of just switching one wire and off you go. The board required an adaptor to use on a Stern Whitestar game. This adaptor required the installer to pull out a chip and re-install it on a new board. Doing that is not rocket science, but I always get a little antsy when I swap chips because I have a tendency to bend pins. I was super careful and everything went smoothly.

After the chip swap, the board needed to be attached to the backbox and the proper wires swapped into it, three in total I believe. Once the board is all set up, the user then has to install the sound package on it using a flash drive. This step was not really spelled out in the instructions that came with the board or the video, but I eventually figured out that one has to go to the PinSound website, create an account and THEN they can download the necessary sound package for their specific game. I did that and updated the driver board with a memory stick as well and the board was in business.

Not content to just have a new board, I swapped out the Monopoly’s speakers too. Doing this requires the installer to unscrew the old speakers, desolder the wires attached to them and resolder them to the new speakers x2.

The same process needs to be done to the subwoofer in the bottom of the cabinet. However the subwoofer is attached differently. Rather than screws it is bolted to the cabinet with hex bolts. I was able to get the old woofer out but the screws that the game came with were really too short to bolt the new PinSound woofer in. I pushed it into its spot and it fit pretty snugly but I am going to eventually going to need to swap out the screws for longer ones. Booo.

That’s it. The products work great and sound amazing. They’re completely quiet when they’re supposed to be and sound crystal clear and loud when in use. They have lots of adjustments for treble and bass. As an added bonus, if I want to I now have the ability to create an entirely new sound package for Monopoly and upload it to the board. I may give that a shot some day.

Anyone who is having sound problems with a game or wants to upgrade the sound in their pinball machine with better sounding speakers and/or a new sound package should definitely check PinSound’s offerings out at .

The author of this post was not given any free or promotional items by PinSound (but I wish I had been lol).

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