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Production Order for New Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine

OK, it's time to hop back on the pinball and arcade news train. I've seen a couple of smaller news tidbits over the past couple of days and I keep wondering to myself whether they warrant an entire post. I think that I got spoiled by all of the major new game reveals that we've seen over the past couple of months and started ignoring the smaller stuff. Well, no more, here's the first of a couple smaller news updates coming your way.

Yesterday, on my daily walk I started a great new interview by the Loserkid Pinball Podcast with Chicago Gaming Company's Butch Peel. On the episode they talked about CGC's upcoming Pulp Fiction pinball machine and shared some very interesting information on the game. I'm about half way through the episode so far (my walk ended lol) and I have already found one interesting new piece of information.

People have been wondering about what order the Pulp Fiction pinball machines will be manufactured in when production finally begins, likely some time this fall. According to Butch, CGC is currently planning on starting the production run with a batch of the Suzo-Happ dollar bill-accepting coin door version of the game for operators to get them out there and on locations first. Next up, CGC will build a batch of the regular aka Special Edition Pulp Fictions to get all of the kinks out of the manufacturing system prior to building the majority of the fancy Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition Models. Once the LEs are done, CGC will go back to building the SE and Suzo-Happ units.

Speaking of CGC, I'm still hearing rumblings that the company hopes to do another run of Medieval Madness machines late this year. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Below is a link to the great Loser Kid interview:

Ep 107: Pulp Fiction with Butch Peel

The Suzo-Happ Coin Door Model:

The Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition:

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