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A Clue that The Fifth Element is Barrels of Fun's Next Pinball Machine?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Crowdsourcing is an amazing thing. A single person could watch a video ten times and they still wouldn't pick up on all of the little clues and nuances of it that thousands of sets of eyes on the same video would. That's exactly what happened with Barrels of Fun's fantastic making of Labyrinth pinball machine video that dropped yesterday on Adam Savage's YouTube channel "Tested."

A few hours after that video debuted, an astute Reddit user named "Snorknado" (lol) shared a picture of something that I totally missed while watching. It sure looks like it was either an intentional or an unintentional Easter Egg for what has been rumored to be the theme for Barrels of Fun's next pinball machine...the 1997 Sci-Fi classic The Fifth Element.

At the 2:50 mark of the video they cut to a scene of Adam Savage playing Labyrinth. Look at the topper in the top left part of the screen. Right there, seemingly attached to the game is the head of a alien from The Fifth Element, which I just learned is called a "Mondoshawan." These aliens play a prominent role in The Fifth Element. Here's a description of them from a website called Fifth Element Wiki:

"The Mondoshawan are a race of aliens that are friendly to humans. Standing slightly taller than a Human, the Mondoshawan are quasi-biblical beings that serve as the caretakers of both the Four Elemental Stones (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) and guardians of the Fifth Element. Although little is known of their homeworld or race it can be assumed it is some distance from Earth, remaining relatively secluded from the other races. Little is known of what the Mondoshawan actually look like as they are only seen wearing an impenetrable gold-metallic armor.

At some point in Ancient History, the Mondoshawan visited the Humans "before time was time". A succession of Priests were established to protect the Fifth Element and the Chamber in Egypt known as the 50th-level parish. Evil attempted to destroy the world 5000 years prior to the events of The Fifth Element, possibly multiple times - and perhaps even causing the Moon to form around Earth.

In the Divine language, the word 'Mondoshawan' translates as 'guardians'."

Take a look at the images below and the images of the alien from Fifth Element. I have absolutely no doubt that they are the same. The question is, was that head attached to the Labyrinth topper? I zoomed in on it and I can't quite tell if it's hanging on the wall or on the game. Either way, it seems like an awfully huge coincidence that Barrels of Fun is rumored to have the Fifth Element license and then all of a sudden poof a creature from it shows up in one of its promotional videos. Then again, it could just be Adam Savage's wall art. What do you think?

Here's a link to the video and one to an article that I did on Barrels of Fun possibly having The Fifth Element license on November 4th. Below that are all the pictures.

Making of Jim Henson's Labyrinth Pinball Machine!

The Fifth Element Pinball May Be In the Works

Screen captures from the Making of "Jim Henson's Labyrinth Pinball Machine!"

Scenes from The Fifth Element that show the "Mondoshawan"

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Nov 30, 2023

I think that is just something Adam already had in his place. See this video: Show and Tell: Adam Unboxes Prop Replica Projects! - YouTube

He is showing off the head of a Mondoshawan alien replica head.

Dec 06, 2023
Replying to

There is always a chance that Barrels of Fun could have Fifth Element license or someone else and maybe they just cleverly placed it next to Adam's existing prop replica collection as a hint, but unfortunately I think it may just be a coincidence. It definitely would be a great theme, with all sorts of shots around getting the different stones to trigger properly (wind, fire, water, earth, etc...) in time for lulu to get activated before the end of the world etc... The music could be great and call outs with Chris Tucker for sure as you mentioned.


Nov 29, 2023

Best news (rumor) I've heard all month! Definitely in, if this is true..

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