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Pulp Fiction Limited Edition to Begin Shipping in June? What New Games Will Be At Texas Pinball Festival?

Let's start things off today with Chicago Gaming Company. I have heard from multiple people that the Limited Edition version of Pulp Fiction pinball is likely to begin shipping to customers in June. CGC isn't great at communicating, so it's difficult to say how accurate that is, but it sounds reasonable to me. It has been great to see the Standard Edition Pulp Fictions going out the door at the factory.

The first Pulp Fiction that I'm aware of on the East Coast just showed up on location at Barcade in Jersey City, NJ. I need to go over there and pop some tokens into it soon.


The schedule of events for the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival is now up on the show's website. With that information and the list of Exhibitors in hand, let's take a look at what new pinball machines we may end up seeing there.

American Pinball has a seminar on the schedule titled "The Secret Sauce.. American Pinball Team." This sure lends credibility to the rumor that their next game is a single-level, Barry Oursler-designed, BBQ-themed game that contains live-action video. I have heard that games will not only be at the show for attendees to play, but will even be on location by then.

There's no doubt that Multimorphic will also be at TPF with its upcoming P3 module The Princess Bride.

Spooky Pinball will be at TPF with a seminar about and its brand new pinball machines, Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Turner Pinball will be at the show with its latest iteration of its game Ninja Eclipse, that incorporates a lot of feedback that they have received from the pinball community.

Barrels of Fun will be at the event with Labrynth.

Chicago Gaming Company will be there with Pulp Fiction.

Since I have heard that we are likely to see both sometime this Spring, I had kind of hoped that we would hear something about Pinball Brothers' third game or Pedretti's upcoming Bally Williams remake before TPF, but I have not heard a peep about either in a while. Pinball Brothers does have a booth at the show, but I do not see a seminar listed for them.

Last year, Haggis Pinball stated that they would be attending the Texas Pinball Festival, and they are still listed as an Exhibitor on the TPF website, however given the Company's recent financial issues I personally would be very surprised to see them there. That puts them in kind of a bind. They need to sell more Centaur Revisited machines to remain a viable company and being at the show with the game could generate new business, would cost a lot of money to attend a pinball show in Texas all the way from Australia at a time when they are "recapitalizing."

I would be shocked if we saw anything brand new from Stern or Jersey Jack Pinball, though Stern definitely is due to show off a new topper or two or three at some point. Of course, both of their latest offerings JAWS and Elton John will be there.

So even though there isn't likely to be many actual game reveals at the show beyond AP, there's still going to be a ton of brand new pinball machines that most likely a lot of folks haven't had a chance to play yet.

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Excited for the Pulp Fiction Limited Edition to ship in June; can't wait to see the new games at the Texas Pinball Festival, and hoping for a sneak peek of the Yellowstone Season 5 Clothing!


I'd rather get my LE sooner, but I'll take June. Woohoo!

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