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Quinn’s Pinz & Rock Fantasy - Middletown, NY (April 2019)

Earlier today, my youngest son and I hit up the Trifecta of Middletown, New York pinball locations...the iconic Rock Fantasy and two other locations that it operates pins at, Tapped restaurant next door and the Quinnz Pinz bowling alley / bar / arcade two minutes down the road.

I’ve talked about how awesome Rock Fantasy is before so I won’t get into all that now, but I will talk about the games. We got to play both Spooky Pinball’s new Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle, Stern’s Munsters Pro and Chicago Gaming’s top of the line Monster Bash Remake for the first time. All three were a blast to play.

We played the most games on one of our personal favorites, Stern Electronics’ Cheetah. Deadpool is also starting to really grow on us...a DP Pro is high on the possible next game to buy list. Every time we play the Beatles we have a surprisingly good time on it. To me, it’s such a fun shooter.

I know that I should love them, but for some reason the Chicago Gaming remakes left me cold today. Monster Bash, Attack from Mars and Medieval Madness are top ten games of all-time and the remakes are beautiful but I played like junk on them today. In fact, I usually play terrible on them. I’m no WPPR king but I’m not THAT bad. Strange.

In addition to bowling and the pictured pins, Quinnz has a bunch of very high-end redemption and modern arcade games, like the huge Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead sit down shooters, hoops, 4-player air hockey, The World’s Largest Pac-Man, Space Invaders Frenzy, linked Raw Thrills Super Cars. I’m talking really awesome stuff.

Both Quinnz and Tapped (which is connected to the Equilibrium Brewery) have liquor licenses with great beers on tap. Tapped also has a full food menu. We had burgers and Chicken & Waffles. Both were “very yummy” (according to my son 🙂 ).

Check out this absurdly awesome list of games at the three locations:

Game of Thrones Premium

Ghostbusters Premium

Iron Man

Star Trek Pro

Star Wars Pro

Transformers LE

Bally World Cup Soccer


The Addams Family

Aerosmith Pro

Attack From Mars Remake LE

Batman 66 Premium

Stern Beatles

Stern Electronic Cheetah

Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon

Williams Cyclone

Deadpool Pro

Gottlieb Devil's Dare

Dolly Parton

Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters

Bally Fireball Classic

Williams Funhouse

Williams Gorgar

Guardians of the Galaxy Pro

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Premium

Stern Kiss

Bally Kiss

Williams Bride of Pin-Bot

Medieval Madness Remake

Metallica Master of Puppets LE

The Munsters Pro

Spooky Rob Zombie's Spookshow

Bally Rolling Stones

Stern The Rolling Stones

Stern Electronics Seawitch

Williams Space Station

Williams Swords Of Fury

Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights

Bally Theatre of Magic

Bally Wizard!

Stern Spider-Man

Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights

The Walking Dead Premium

Well, that’s enough stream of consciousness about these awesome locations for now. Trust me, go there if you are in the area. They’re lots of fun!

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