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Random Pinball Sighting in Toy Company's Founders' Mansion

During my usual morning readthrough of the Wall Street Journal, I saw the following headline:

Melissa & Doug Toy Founders Sell Connecticut Home for $15.175 Million

Naturally, the first thought that came to my mind (after the fact that I helped pay for that place by buying toys for my sons over the years lol) was that the founders of a toy company have to have a home arcade. Sure enough, they do! And a pretty solid one, too. There's only one pic of the arcade in the article, but it's enough to see some of what's in there. There's four pinball machines...2008 Stern Batman The Dark Knight, 2003 Stern Lord of the Rings, 2007 Stern Spider-Man and one more that's hidden by a pillar. Can anyone tell what that fourth one is?

Beyond that, the arcade contains a Tornado foosball table, Super Chexx, commercial air hockey, Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift linked drivers, Guitar Hero, DDR, another pair of drivers, a multicade, billiards and more. Pretty impressive.

Beyond the arcade, the house has a bowling alley, an insane indoor basketball court.

Melissa & Doug Toy Founders Sell Connecticut Home for $15.175 Million

The 11-bedroom Westport home is about 5 miles north of the Long Island Sound

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