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Recent Video Tour of Jersey Jack Pinball's Factory

Rudy from the awesome French pinball social media pages, RB Flip France, recently travelled to the United States on a pinball adventure. After appearing at the Texas Pinball Festival and sharing a great tour of the Stern Pinball factory last week, he's back this week with a cool tour of the Jersey Jack Pinball Factory. Yes, the video is in French, but even if you don't speak the language there's a lot of really cool stuff to see.

In the video, you can see the folks at JJP hard at work cranking out Guns N' Roses pinball machines. Man, GNR sure looks like a complex game to manufacture. I strained my eyes for any tiny glimpse of a different game on the line or in the background (cough Toy Story, cough) to no avail LOL. At the end of the video and in the pics that I captured from it below, you will see a TON of new JJP pinball machines sitting in boxes ready to go. There sure is a lot of them, I wonder if there's any of the next pin in there.

For more cool stuff like this, make sure to stop by the RB Flip Facebook page:

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