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Remake of the Beloved Williams Classic Arcade Game Joust is in the Works

I've always been a HUGE fan of the 1982 Williams classic arcade game Joust. My boys and I played the heck out of that game when they were young. How can you not love people jousting on flying ostriches? The cabinet art and graphics of the original game were amazing.

According to the cool arcade news website Arcade Heroes, a remake of the iconic game, called Jousting Heroes, is in the works. Picture the classic Joust with new weapons meets Killer Queen. The company that is producing the game, ALAN-1, plans to bring it in prototype 2- and 4-player arcade cabinets to the Las Vegas Amusement Expo that's scheduled for the end of March. The game is also slated to come to all major consoles and PC. I'm looking forward trying this one out when it launches.

Here's a link to the Arcade Heroes article that brought this neat game to my attention:

And a link to the game's official website:

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